stairs in ashwood and wrought iron


parquet flooring in certified teak wood
parquet flooring in oak wood
parquet flooring in chestnut wood
IMG_0001 1
new terra cotta tiling treated with linseed oil and wax to fit it into the style of an old house
terra cotta tiling over 100 years old, renovated by sanding and oiling it
6 s g P1090130
winding ashwood stairs with 2 cupboards leading to a corridor


2 more steps leading from the corridor to the first floor


view from above


5 g P1090122
the upper cupboard
7 g P1090121 (1)
the lower cupboard
4 g P1090123
details of the railing
2 g
detail of play of wood and light
protection de sécurité de la cage d' escalier
protection of the staircase


railing and lead in of the stairs


descente jusqu'au palet
first part leading to the landing


descente jusqu'au sous sol
second part leading to the basement


vue d' en bas avec plancher d' origine
view from below with original wooden floor