Shutters in larchwood with ajustable louvers











modern ashwood kitchen made to mesurement








creation of fountain and terrace in natural stone “travertin”









designer stairs and table in ashwood and iron, executed together with the artist blacksmith Boris Klein











hanger from cedarwood











flooded wood and barrel lits arranged to different tables









Chandelier made in out of barrel

2,50 in diameter





Ash wood table on wrought iron feet








Small window built in an entrance door


With an hand made with handle









Shining staves

















Poplar wood box with lit

Symetric bottom and top

Play of light and grain










Each holder is different and unique

présentoirs de bouteilles fabriqués de douelles de barriques recyclées
After a thorough sanding and oiling the old oakwook reveals all its velvet shine

Nobility of wood and wine goes together fine!








Placard en frêne adapté aux murs irréguliers d’une vieille maison


Adaptation à 4 endroits différents : gauche,droite, fond au plafond








IMG_0003 3
swirling sun

IMG_0004 4

IMG_0002 3

cedar spirits for your well being