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each holder is handcrafted and unique


these holders made from white wine barrels are fine sanded and oiled


they are an ideal decoration and gift


IMG_0004 1
for just 15 € without VAT and shipping


IMG_0002 1
wine should be stocked horizontally, how does this wine bottle holder work?
IMG_0003 1
cut out of an old wine barrel, sanded and drilled in the perfect angle
IMG_0005 1
the outer part of the oak barrel treated with linseed oil
IMG_0008 copy 3
each barrel is differently coloured inside from light rose to purple black, all depends on the wood, the grapes and the time




IMG_0014 2
glasholder made out of a stave 50 € without VAT



IMG_0020 2
gently curved stave outside barrel part facing towards the bottle
inside part of the stave in 3 colours and wine crystals
IMG_0003 1
both holders with the non coloured part facing towards the bottle
IMG_0006 1 copy
for you to choose which colour you wish to face to the bottle all bottle holders without oiling are for 12 € without VAT and shipment