Before doing the first cut in a plank all further combinations must be planned:

At first in a 1:10 draft then after the planing in a 1:1 draft. During the cutting a selection is made between the middle boards for the frame work and the side boards for the fillings. We try to take away inexpedient parts of the wood.

then follow 30 – 80 working steps: planing, cutting, trimming, routing, edging, glueing, drilling, …sanding oiling, waxing, polishing.

glued douglas wood
IMG_0006 1
freshly cut cedar wood

The finishing is usually done with linseed oil to which we add a little bit of therebentine, 2 natural products, proved for centuries. They deeply penetrate into the wood, nourish and strengthen it and enhance the aspect of the wooden structure.

Linseed oil is antistatic, less dust friendly …..